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Since finishing my undergraduate degree in May 2018, I have had much more free time and challenged myself to read at least one book every month. Starting in July 2019, I again challenged myself to start reading two books every month. The original reason I began reading after graduating was because I always loved doing it when I was younger... but began to think of it as a chore when starting college and having to read so much for classes. Now that I have a lot more free time I wanted to find ways to do more productive things other than scroll through Twitter and Instagram and watch TV. Olivia Baker has also joined me in reading at least one book a month and we have started an Instagram (IG) Book Club that involves an IG live at the end of the month and a direct message group that discusses thoughts and themes of the book throughout the month. We hope that it will inspire and encourage more people to read! Reading can help your writing skills, memory, and improve your emotional intelligence. If nothing else, it definitely expands your knowledge. I have included some 2020 reading challenges for anyone reading this blog!

  1. If you don't like reading or are unsure if you enjoy reading, try listening to at least 2 audio books this upcoming year.

  2. If you like to read some books... but don't read often, look up 3 books that interest you and try to read all 3 in one year AND listen to 2 audio books.

  3. If you love reading, try reading at least 1 book every month! If this is too easy or too demanding, set a better goal that fits your schedule to motivate yourself to read more!

Happy Reading!!

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