Financial Coaching

You may know me as an Olympic triple jumper, but what you may not know is I also have a degree in Financial Planning. We all have different goals that we hope to accomplish throughout our lives. As a two-time Olympian, I have learned the 3 core values that are necessary to achieving your goals:

  • Accountability Are my actions lining up with my goals?

  • Organization Do I have a well thought out plan?

  • Sacrifice Am I disciplined and willing to delay gratification today for a better tomorrow?

These three values stand true no matter what goal you have and are the keys to financial independence. Whether your goal is home ownership, living a debt free life, or becoming a millionaire, you will need these pillars to succeed. As your coach, I will create a plan to help you achieve these goals and hold you accountable to it. After we finish working together you will feel empowered to make intentional decisions that align with your dreams and goals. 

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"Empowering individuals to make INTENTIONAL financial decisions that align with their dreams, goals & values"


  • Evaluate current surplus/deficit

  • Income & Expense analysis

  • Personalized budget for the future that aligns with your goals 

  • Evaluate emergency fund

  • Financial accountability


  • Factors affecting credit score

  • Best practices for credit accounts

  • Credit report & score evaluation

  • Creation of a customized plan to improve credit score


  • Investing basics

  • Diversification Strategies

  • Power of Compounding

  • Asset Allocation

  • Risk Tolerance 

  • *I cannot offer specific investment advice* i.e. "Should I..."


  • Review of current debts & interest rates 

  • Customized payoff plan with dates to maximize savings while quickly paying off debt

  • Financial Accountability


  • Establish retirement goals

  • Customized savings program to achieve target retirement age

  • Retirement account recommendations

Homebuyer education

  • Am I ready to buy a home? How do I get started?

  • Co-borrowing

  • Optimizing finances for home purchase

  • Low down payment loans

  • Complete walkthrough of homebuying process

Goals Sheet


Action Steps





20 minutes


1:1 Session 

60 minutes


1:1 Check-In


30 minutes


Cash Flow Statement

No session included


Gold Package

3 x 1:1 sessions


Cash Flow Evaluation

Investment Education

1 Session of your Choice


Client Testimonials

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Muhozi, Investment Banking Analyst

Adara, Structural Engineer

Before meeting with Keturah we had little knowledge of the home buying process. After our session we feel very confident in the steps we need to take to start and complete the process. We feel especially relieved to fully understand the financial aspects as well. She went above and beyond to answer all of our questions, including those that expanded beyond the topic of home buying. We look forward to booking more sessions as our needs expand.