Financial Coaching

You may know me as an Olympic triple jumper, but what you may not know is I also have a degree in Financial Planning. We all have different goals that we hope to accomplish throughout our lives. As a two-time Olympian, I have learned the 3 core values that are necessary to achieving your goals:

  • Accountability Are my actions lining up with my goals?

  • Organization Do I have a well thought out plan?

  • Sacrifice Am I willing to give up my comfort today for a better tomorrow?

These three values stand true no matter what goal you have and are the keys to financial independence. Whether your goal is home ownership, living a debt free life, or becoming a millionaire, you will need these pillars to succeed. As your coach, I will create a custom plan and hold you accountable to it so you can finally accomplish your goals!

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  • Credit

  • Income/Expense Analysis

  • Debt Management

  • Budgeting

  • Retirement Planning

  • Investing

  • Financial Accountability


More Details


  • 20 minute free consultation​

  • 60 min session: $60 

  • 2 month Package: $275

    • 5 Sessions​

  • 4 month Package: $525

    • 10 sessions​

  • Income/Expense Analysis: $30

Client Testimonials

Tunya Selfie_edited.jpg

Tunya, Health Educator

Keturah was phenomenal in providing financial expertise that not only reaped results in a matter of weeks, but also increased my own personal knowledge about what financial wellness is, and caused a major shift in my thinking regarding my financial habits. Her accountability was a major factor and I always look forward to her sharing more of her knowledge and experiences to continually contribute to my financial health.