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Favorite Youtubers

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Youtube is where I learned almost everything about my hair and it is the first source I recommend for people learning about their hair. Sometimes I watch Youtube to entertain myself, other times I want to learn something new about my hair, or I might be looking for a new style to try out. I watch each of my favorite Youtubers for specific reasons, so this blog will consist of my go-to youtubers for (1) my hair type, (2) #HairGoals that I just watch to appreciate hair or to entertain me, and (3) detailed, educational lessons about my hair. I will also include one of my favorite videos from each youtuber that I recommend. Of course some of these women overlap into multiple categories, but I will try to put them into the categories that fit them the best.

My Hair Type

Angelique Brown - 20K Subscribers - Honestly she is my FAVORITE youtuber... but she STOPPED making youtube videos a long time ago. I felt like her hair was identical to mine - thickness, texture, etc. I also felt like she always was very realistic about her hair routine and I loved her personality! It makes me sad just writing this because I miss her videos lol.

LaToya Ebony - 71K Subscribers - This is another Youtuber that I think is always very realistic and honest about her hair journey, hair products, and the process of styling her hair. She embraces her shrinkage and her hair type and I love that. She's also consistently been posting videos this year (2020).

Shanique Buntyn - 501K Subscribers - This is a youtuber that I used to love a lot and one of the first people I found on Youtube. I learned my Wash n Go and twist out routines from her and still use the same techniques to this day. Recently she has just been doing wash day and twist out tutorials over and over again so I don't watch her as often. She also had a baby and has been doing a lot of family videos so I may unsubscribe soon. I still think she would be a great option for anyone that is new to working with their type 4 hair because her past videos are really helpful so I included a video from 2016 below. She also has transitioning videos for people who are going from permed hair to natural.


Naptural85 - 1.1M Subscribers - This is the Youtuber I feel like every natural hair enthusiast knows. You want it... she's got it. DIY, styling routines, trimming hair, blow outs, extensions, shedding, hair tools, etc. She taught me how to do box braids, how to trim my hair myself, and how to make my own hair ties for cheap. Every one of her videos are explained slowly and clearly and she repeats the directions to help you understand. There were some styles I thought I would never be able to do until I watched her explain it. She is ALWAYS well researched and I can trust her reviews of products and styling tools. She is upfront about videos being paid promotions and doesn't let that affect her review. For all around information, she's top 2 and she ain't #2. BUT she does not have my hair lol, so I can't solely rely on her videos.

NappyFu TV - 237K Subscribers - This is another popular youtuber for the 4c community. She is also very well researched and very realistic about styling her hair. To me she gives the most background and information on topics and explains why she does or doesn't do things. She doesn't follow trends and she won't give her opinion on products until she's used them multiple times. If I need to fact check anything, I go to NappyFu! She has a similar hair type to me but her videos are definitely more educational.

Fusion of Cultures - 325K Subscribers - She's a perfect mixture of educational, realistic, and hair appreciation all in one. I love her personality and she always makes quality videos with UNIQUE, quick styling tutorials for wash day. She often uses clay washes and emphasizes doing what works for YOU, not what everyone else is doing.

Hair Appreciation

NaturalNeiicey - 587K Subscribers - I probably have watched EVERY single one of her hair videos, yet have followed NONE of her directions lol. Her hair is not even close to mine. She has the hair that I think many people dream about having. Perfect curls, length down her back, thick, voluminous. It's beautiful. When I watch her videos it is simply because I love hair, I know my hair will never do what her hair does. She also has a lot of paid promotions so I never really trust her product reviews much, but if you have type 3 hair she might be a great option for you!

Jaelah Majette - 583K Subscribers - She is one of the funniest hair youtubers. She is always 100% herself and extremely honest when it comes to styling her hair. She has a hair straightening video where she literally said "1 pass where? Who's doing 1 pass?! Not me... fry that hair Jaelah!" Youtubers always claim they are only doing "1 pass" with a flat iron and somehow have perfectly straight hair that is LAIDDDD. HOW SWAY? EXPLAIN. Natural hair sometimes doesn't come out the way you thought it would and I like to see that process. So despite the fact that Jaelah was definitely using too much heat on her hair, she was being upfront and honest about it and she always is when styling her hair. LOVE to see it.

Many youtubers record videos multiple times if something goes wrong with the style. Always remember that if you decide to compare yourself to a Youtube video, you are comparing yourself to their perfectly edited hairstyle with a full face of makeup and a ring light setup. They don't always show all the failures and mistakes!

Love your hair how it is and keep discovering what works for you!

IG Pages for Hairspiration

**Follow the hashtag #naturalhair on IG**

~ What youtubers do y'all watch and what pages do you follow on Instagram? Drop a comment if you have some recommendations for me! ~

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